Top 10 Jobs In Canada For Foreigners Without Experience

Canada hosts more than 35 million residents. The country offers the benefit of healthcare that is free and education, as well as freedom of society and social stability. Working without experience in Canada is easy. There is a wide range of jobs available in Canada for people who are not natives of the country.

Canada needs skilled labourers to meet the demands of its growing economy. This has provided a fantastic chance for those interested in sought-after and highest-paying positions in the world. Canadian employers are looking to recruit skilled workers in a variety of fields.

Here’s a list of the top jobs in Canada for people who need to gain experience. Although the amount of experience needed for these jobs is a little, they do pay top salaries and the possibility to earn significantly more in the long term with the expansion.

List of Jobs Available For Foreigners With No Experience in Canada and Their Average Salary:

1. Landscaper

Working outdoors, using your hands, and helping things grow are the work of an experienced landscaper. The only drawback is that it’s not easy to work as a landscaper when you suffer from grass, dust and pollen allergies. If you don’t, this job is good with decent wages. The annual average salary could reach $71,500 per year.

2. Kitchen Helper

Prior experience or training is optional for this job. A lot of cafes and restaurants recruit people for this job. This kind of job in the food service field could be a major opportunity for anyone who wants to pursue a career in restaurant management, such as host, chef or handler of produce. Training on the job will be advantageous for climbing the ladder to the top. The annual average salary would be between $26,000 and $48,000.

3. Care Giver

Certain companies offer on-the-job training and experience that is valuable. The Home For Seniors Care organization is a company which provides a variety of non-medical services which allow seniors to age in the security of their homes and confront the challenges of ageing with dignity, respect and love.

When job advertisements mention whether you need experience, they will also state what is expected of you. The median annual salary will be between $27,300 and $34,125.

4. Dishwasher

Canada has several huge food service industries, which employ thousands of workers. They provide colleges, schools and offices, hospitals and senior living communities. They also supply sporting venues, tourist attractions, remote military camps and many other places which require these services. The median annual salary will be between $26,000 and 32,561.

5. Recruiter

Recruitment is a fantastic field to consider if you enjoy meeting new people. They locate the most qualified job applicants by browsing LinkedIn and aiding companies in screening and conducting interviews. Because many of them take an income from commissions or even a percentage of the salary of the employee they recruit, the annual average salary could range from $120,000 to $120,000 annually.

6. Shipper

Every company selling products requires a shipper and a Receiver. They’re responsible for all the things that go in and out. They’re crucial to the growth of any company. There are a few qualifications to be met before you can get your foot into the workforce, making it a fantastic career path if you want to make money without completing much schooling or certificates. The average annual wage could range from $162,600 to $162,600 yearly.

7. Room Attendant

A position in the hotel’s housekeeping department is optional, and on-the-job training is offered. Room attendants are responsible for cleaning every guest room and keeping the closets tidy. The annual average salary could be between $25,867 and $35,526.

8. Cashier

Cashier jobs are highly in demand and are an excellent job opportunity in the bustling city of Toronto. They need an individual with strong communication skills capable of handling cash and customers, aiding customers and assisting the department of promotions. The annual average salary could be between $29,441 and $34,701.

9. Driver Residential

Due to the growing population and the increasing demands of the population, there is usually an enormous demand for residents to drive. Candidates must be over 18, possess an active driver’s license and have a clean criminal history. The median annual salary could range from $29,250 to $44,068.

10. Packaging

The job of packaging has a high demand in the world of food. The average annual salary could range from $22,880-$41,000. Because of the growing food consumption, this department has a variety of job opportunities.

Visa And Work Permit

There are a variety of methods to obtain a Canada working visa. The Temporary International Workers Program (TFWP) is the most popular type, which grants temporary permits to work in Canada. In the future, after you’ve had enough work experience in Canada, you may apply for permanent residence, and then you won’t require a permit to work in Canada.

Consultants can guide applicants and assist them through the different phases of the application. A knowledgeable Canada immigration consultant will assist applicants in obtaining sponsorship. The application process for visas and the process will be completed quickly. The aim is to allow successful applicants in a matter of weeks.

The process of filing a Visa Application is an organized procedure. Understanding the requirements for the documents to be submitted is crucial to ensure the success of your application. Visa consultants are experienced in processing these documents, as they’ve handled the same process for many previous applicants.

Canada Immigration For Job Seekers

A job search first is beneficial since it could help you gain a permanent visa that allows you to move to Canada more quickly. After you’ve been informed that you have been contacted by a Canadian firm looking to hire you, the company has to apply for a job offer by The Employment and Social Development Service Canada.

If you are awarded an affirmative Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA), then your new Canadian employer has to provide you with an original and written job offer. It gives your application for a visa an advantage in comparison to applicants’ applications since you have met the minimum requirements by proving that you are willing to work once you are in Canada.

Eligibility requirements

Before you can relocate to Canada, you must determine your qualifications. Consult a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) to determine the type of work permits you must apply for and assist you with the visa application process.

There Are Two Types Of Work Permits You Can Get:

1. A work permit that is open to the public and an employee-specific permit to work. Many employers will help in obtaining an employment permit. However, certain employers will require that you have one in place. This permits you to work within Canada and with any employer within the legally-defined limitations set under federal legislation.

2. A work permit for employers will limit your employment to a certain employer or employer if you hold several jobs. The work permit will specify the location you are allowed to work and also who your employer is. If you would like to alter this restriction, you’ll be required to apply for the change.


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