Remote Jobs in Canada For South Africans 2023

There are a variety of job opportunities available in Canada specifically for South Africans who want to work in Canada.

If you’re in search of work in a nation like Canada then you must take the time to read this article to the end. In this post we’ll examine some of the Remote jobs available in Canada that are available to South African can apply for and be accepted for.

We will also give you the specific requirements for available job openings, and lastly, we will notify you of the positions currently open for applications.


In this article we will look at the various requirements or documents that you must have to be employed in Canada.

1. The applicant must also be Canadian resident or ready to move to Canada.

2. You need to present you a valid work permit your national passport, as well as an original photocopy of the visa you have obtained.

3. The medical report you receive should indicate that you are healthy mentally and physically.

4. You must have a clear criminal background.

5. You must be age 18 at the point you apply.

6. The applicant must be no older than 35 at the time you submit this application.

7. It is important to be prepared to cover your family’s financial needs over the next two or three years.


These are some jobs that can be done remotely in Canada that are available to South Africans who live in Canada.

1. International Student Consultant

If you’re interested in applying for this job, you must reside in North York or be willing to move in the direction of the city.

Your task is to be an advisor to high school or college students.

2. Filling Operator Concord

Your role is to be a worker at the station and oversee the purchase and the payment of gas.

Your hourly pay is $22 to $22.45 per hour. In addition, you’ll also receive minor benefits when you work for the company, for example, housing.

3. Maintenance Mechanics

This is a great job opportunity in Canada that pays as high as CAD 38/hour and is available to everyone South African citizens who want to work in Canada.

4. Toronto Sales Manager

If you are a resident of Toronto or believe that you can move to Toronto for work This is the opportunity for you.

This is among the most lucrative remote jobs in Canada.

You have to assist the business with sales and organizing everything to assist them in selling more.

5. Travel Sales Representative

You’ll be required to help the business make sales to travelers who require their assistance.

You’ll be called a travel agent or travel guide when someone needs one.

This is also among the most lucrative remote jobs in Canada at the moment.


It is possible to find an employment opportunity within Canada via South Africa?

With no ties to Canada or an offer of employment, South Africans can apply for permanent residence in Canada in accordance with other requirements, including education level, age, competence in English or French and work experiences.

What amount of money will I require to move into Canada out of South Africa?

In general, an individual applicant will require around $15,500 for a visa to Canada. Couples would require about $21,000 in CAD, whereas families with children will require $25,000 to $30,000 CAD.


Canada is among the most desirable places to work as a foreigner , and as a South African we’ve been able show you some of the remote positions in Canada which you could apply for and be employed.

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