Network Support Technician Job in Canada For Foreigners




° Collegiate, CEGEP or any other certificate, diploma or certification that is not a university obtained from an educational program lasting 3 months or less than one year

° or equivalent experience


1 year up to under 2 years

Work-related setting

° The cost of relocation is not covered by the employer

° Willing to move

° Telecommunications industry

° Telecommunications service provider



° Manage, maintain, and troubleshoot using local area networks (LANs) as well as large areas networks (WANs) Mainframe networks , computer workstations, as well as peripheral equipment

° Review and install computer hardware and networking software, as well as operating system software

° Master consoles are used to observe the performance of computers and networks , and coordinate the use and access to computers and networks.

° Download computer disks and tapes and install printer software, forms and paper.

° Offer assistance in solving problems for network users

° Install software, data and hardware security protocols

° Conduct routine tasks for the network start up and shutdown and keep control records

° Make backups of data and conduct disaster recovery operations

° Install Maintain, troubleshoot and upgrade the Web-server hardware as well as software

° Create local area networks as well as connections to the Internet

° Install the network traffic and security monitoring software, and improve server performance.

° Modify web pages, applets and scripts

° Use meta-data and research for Websites, and register them with search engines.

° Response to inquiries for assistance and other information from website visitors and Webmasters

° Perform backup and recovery tasks

° Supervise technical personnel


  • One to two people
  • 3-4 people

Specialization and experience

Technology and computer knowledge

° Hardware for Networking

° Intranet

° Internet

° MS Office

° MS Windows

Additional information

Safety and security

° Basic security clearance

Transportation/travel information

° Willing to travel frequently

Physical and work conditions

° A fast-paced, dynamic environment

° Pressured work

° Tight deadlines

° Repetitive tasks

° Moving large loads

° Physically demanding

° Manual dexterity

° Attention to detail

° The ability to differentiate between shades

° Sound discrimination

° Sitting

° Combination of standing, sitting walking, and sitting

° For long periods of standing

° Kneeling, crouching, or bending


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