Mauritius Visa For Nigerians 2023 | Requirements

Mauritius visas for NigeriansIn the eastern coast of Africa the Island of Mauritius is considered to be tiny treasure. It has everything you’ll need in the islands. The beautiful Island of Mauritius should be explored for many reasons, such as its breathtaking beaches, friendly people, gorgeous surroundings, low-cost prices and delicious cuisine.


1. When entering to Mauritius potential visitors require a passport that lasts at minimum six months. A blank page from the passport is required to stamp visas.

2. Visitors need to be able to show an onward or return ticket and proof that they have sufficient money to spend on their trip to Mauritius.

3. Also required is confirmation of the hotel they will be staying in during their visit to Mauritius.

4. Before entering the country Nigerians have to declare any amount over MUR500,000 or the equivalent amount in other currencies they plan to import or export into Nigerian money (Mauritian Rupee).

5. Every international airport within Nigeria is a possibility for travel to Mauritius.

6. There isn’t a single official language for Mauritius, a multi-lingual country. Mauritius.

7. Hinduism is the most popular religion of Mauritius in which about half people adhere to it. Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam are among the other religions that are practiced in the country.


There are three methods to apply for an entry visa to Mauritius:

1. visas at arrival

2. In the Mauritius Embassy or Consulate.

3. Sign up on the internet.


  • It is essential to have the proper paperwork to be presented for an Nigerian traveling to Mauritius.
  • You should have a valid international passport with all of your relevant biodata as well as a photograph.
  • Passport-sized photographs measuring 35mm-40mm in width and 45-50mm high are required.
  • an endorsement letter from your school or employer in Nigeria
  • Also required is a valid health certificate. A return ticket,
  • It is mandatory to obtain a visa if you’re in Mauritius to conduct business or for pleasure. You must show proof of your hotel reservation.
  • The evidence of having the money and the basic travel allowance that will pay for the costs of the time you are in Mauritius


Do Nigerians require a visa for Mauritius?

Nigerian citizens require visas to enter Mauritius. Contact the nearest Mauritius Embassy for more details. Have a valid passport, or other valid travel document that has an expiration date beyond the time of your stay to be able to enter Mauritius.

What is the cost of a visa cost from Nigeria for Mauritius?

Nigerian citizens are able to visit Mauritius without visa. Your passport from abroad is stamped upon your get to the airport of Mauritius which will allow you to enjoy the right to stay for 14 days without visa.

What is the price of the airfare between Nigeria from Nigeria to Mauritius to Mauritius in Naira?

We’ve collected online cost information for flights between Lagos up to Mauritius and estimated the average price of flights to be NGN544,881.

Are there direct flights available from Nigeria in the direction of Mauritius?

Emirates, Turkish Airlines, South African Airways, Ethiopian Airlines as well as Qatar Airways are currently the only airlines operating flight services in the direction of Lagos to Mauritius Island


Mauritius is a small nation with a great environment. residents of Nigeria are not required to obtain to obtain a visa prior to entering Mauritius however, they must request a visa prior to arrival in Mauritius.

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