Iceland Visa For Africans | How to Apply and Requirements

Iceland visas for AfricansThe traveller’s permit to travel to Iceland is indicated by a stamp or sticker on their passport. The bearer has the right to go to Iceland and remain there for some time.

Do I NEED A VISA to travel to ICELAND?

Being an African, It is possible to obtain the Iceland Schengen visa when you are planning to visit the country and remain there for up to 90 days within six months. You must satisfy this requirement to be admitted into the country.

Types of ICELAND Visas

The reason for the visit and duration of your time is that different kinds of visas are available for Iceland. The keys are classified into one of the categories below:

Iceland Transit Visa.

If you are only required to be in Iceland to take off on another plane or vessel for travel to another destination, that is not Schengen.

Iceland Tourist and visitor visas.

Suppose you’re planning to travel to Iceland for a short period (up of 90-days) 6 months from now. This is a short-stay visa for Iceland, which permits travel throughout every part of the Schengen region.

Business visas for Iceland.

Business travellers who are in Iceland for at least 90 days to attend meetings or conferences.

  • Iceland Sports, Cultural and Religious event visa.
  • Iceland Medical Treatment Visa.
  • Iceland Long-Stay Visa.
  • Iceland Digital Nomad Visa.


What is the best time to apply for the Iceland visa?

It is essential to apply on the correct date to begin the Iceland Visa application procedure. Each embassy has set a date for visa applicants to submit their applications. Because Iceland is an ally of Schengen, The process for Iceland is the same as applies to all Schengen members.

Find the appropriate locations for the Iceland visa application.

The visa application process is only available to embassies and consulates of Iceland and others worldwide. In lieu, Iceland contracts with consulates and embassies of the other Schengen nations to deal with the admission of visas and processing.

Apply to obtain the Icelandic Schengen Visa.

Now you can begin the process once you have determined the kind of visa you’ll need and the date and location for the application. Complete the Iceland visa application form in the first place.

Get the required documents together.

Begin to put together the documents to apply for a Schengen visa in Iceland in pieces at each step. Make sure that all documents conform to the guidelines set for them by Schengen authorities.

Request a Visa Appointment.

An appointment is required before an appointment for the Iceland immigration interview. Walk-in applicants will not be accepted at Iceland’s embassies or consulates.

Take part in the Visa Interview.

The interviewer and consular officer will be interacting during the interview for visas. Your consular representative will inquire you in depth about your personal life and the purpose of your trip during the interview. During the interview, they must give the interviewer all the documents required.

You must pay the Iceland visa cost.

Certain factors will impact how much you will have to pay to obtain the Iceland visa. This includes your age, the duration of your stay and the purpose for which you entered Iceland.

There is a charge of EUR80 for an adult applying for a visa-on-sale to Iceland. A fee of EUR40 is reduced for children. It is needed for children who are under 12 years of age. However, children who are under the age of 6 are not charged.

A long-stay permit for Iceland costs around EUR56.


How much of a bank account is necessary to get an Iceland visa?

Bank statements attest that you have, at the very least, at least 145 euros per transaction and around 29 euros per day you plan to spend in Iceland.

Where do I apply for a visa to Iceland in South Africa?

For stays of more than 90 days or tourism-related reasons, holders of South African passports may apply for a visa before the time of arrival.


Africans generally require a Schengen visa to visit Iceland in this piece. The article has provided the requirements for applying and the application procedures for those interested in Africans.

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