How To Post a Job on Linkedin

The days of newspapers and simple web searches for job openings are gone. The future lies with social media platforms, and it is logical when hiring departments to integrate them into their strategies. The business-oriented social media site LinkedIn is used by over 600 million members across more than 200 countries. More than two new users join the site each second. This gives employers enough incentive to go to the site to find their next employee.

Like all social networks, however, the outcomes are sometimes different. Utilizing these best practices for posting jobs on LinkedIn will help you get an increase in traffic from your posts.

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Posting a Job on LinkedIn

Before you start posting your opportunities on LinkedIn, it is suggested that you create a LinkedIn profile for your company or business. The corporate page is different from your page and requires your HR or marketing teams to ensure that they update this business page regularly. Creating a page is free and allows you to post job opportunities, company news promotions, and community collaborations.

For setting up a company page, ensure you already have an active LinkedIn account and the business you’re establishing is visible in your profile as the location where you work. Use a company email accessible to your coworkers to ensure that you’re not the only person to make changes and post within the profile.

Once your company page runs, you can post your job openings.

  • On Your LinkedIn home page, select the “Work icon in the upper right corner and then select post a job.
  • Complete the required information to apply for the job you’re interested in, starting with your company’s name. Enter the initial letters of your company’s name, and then the company page’s title should appear. Continue to type in your job, the title, and the location when you choose one of the fields which appear as you type each response.
  • Choose from at least three options if you are in the work functions and industry fields.
  • job kind and level of seniority will be selected for you. If you agree with the recommendations, you can change the information in the next step.
  • Complete your job summary in the form given, following the best techniques to learn how to create an effective Job description.
  • Add abilities by clicking the icon and selecting the appropriate option.
  • Please choose how you’d like them to apply based on the application process. If you would like them to use their own LinkedIn profiles for their application, select the option to let applicants apply using the details of their LinkedIn profile and inform me via an email option. If you wish them to submit their applications to the applicant site of your choice, choose the option to direct applicants to an external website to submit their applications and then specify the URL of the site.
  • Select one of the options in the What did you learn from Us? Field.

Continue to the next page:

  • Choose your favourite screening question Based on your ideal candidate’s profile.
  • Create a daily budget to promote the work. Use forecasting tools to estimate how much your money will be spent before you choose the number.
  • Make a payment and check out using your choice of the credit card.

After your job has been posted, you’ll be notified of the listing and the follow-up details from LinkedIn regarding what you should do following. It will also provide tips to promote your listing and free InMail credits, enabling you to contact those interested in the platform.

Can You Post a Job on Linkedin for Free?

Technically speaking, the job advertisement mentioned earlier will require money. LinkedIn makes it clear that they use their tool for posting jobs to generate revenue and support their service. However, you can still make the news about an opening differently.

How to Post a Job on Linkedin for Free

Use Your Company Newsfeed

Your company page is up, and you should make use of it! If you publish an update on your job opening and include an external application page, the update will be displayed on your feed for anyone following your business page. The more people follow your page and follow it; the more people be able to see it. Feel free to promote your LinkedIn business page on other platforms for the most benefit.

Ask Employees to Share

What percentage of your employees are on LinkedIn? It could be more than you imagine—request employees who work in the relevant departments to periodically publish job openings on their feeds. The advantages to them have increased exposure to the job and, consequently, better-qualified candidates. If you employ an employee referral program, your company employees may be even more supportive of this method.

Share to LinkedIn Groups

This is the best moment to join if you’re not in any group. Make sure you adhere to each group’s guidelines to ensure your job advertisements don’t come across as spam. Join in discussions in groups that go beyond promoting your job opportunities. A successful group is comprised of people who care about the whole community and not only their interest.

How Do You Boost/Promote a Linkedin Job Posting?

If you list jobs in the manner mentioned above, you’re already paying for a LinkedIn promotion. However, you could do more to attract the attention of those who see your job posting.

If you are using LinkedIn’s Recruiter tools, you can choose to join Job Wrapping. This allows LinkedIn to draw your job listings straight from the Application Tracking System (ATS) and your company’s career page and place them into the open, purchased slot jobs. It’s much more automated than manually listing every job out.

You can also increase your work list with these simple adjustments:

  • Utilize the Add Required Skills section to let LinkedIn suggest common job-related skills that are needed that are required for the position. It lets people with similar skills find the best job and provides you with another option to search for well-qualified candidates.
  • Allow LinkedIn allow LinkedIn to show my profile on the job posting. This shows a real person with a valid LinkedIn profile on the job posting. This is likely to make people think of the job as a credible opportunity and gives an individual face to the company’s name.
  • Incorporate the amount of compensation. People want to know exactly what they will receive before applying. If you do not provide the information required, LinkedIn will provide an estimate for you. This could or won’t represent the exact amount of pay. Be aware of and secure that information.

Posting Jobs on LinkedIn via Recruiting Software

You are unknowingly ignoring one of the most effective ways to land a job listed on LinkedIn, the existing recruiting tools. Use your ATS to automate postings on LinkedIn. Utilizing Comeet, the openings will be listed as limited-access listings for free and appear in the results of a search. Make sure to read the instructions for your particular system to determine which LinkedIn Integrations you can get with your subscription.

There are numerous benefits to posting your information on LinkedIn, even if you need to take advantage of paid listing alternatives. LinkedIn is fast taking over search engines such as Google and aggregate sites, which may feel like an aeon away from directly communicating with the hiring firm.

By creating a LinkedIn corporate profile, posting regularly on it, and using all options to make and promote it, you can use your job search as evidence of your company’s culture. Employers can be assured that you’re on top of the marketplace and ready to build an environment where they can be.

A New Way of Recruiting – LinkedIn Party

Your recruitment department can also organize a LinkedIn Party to encourage employees to submit referrals.

The basic idea is to invite employees to a gathering or event. It could be as easy or elaborate as your time, resources and budget permit. At the very least, consider providing refreshments and snacks.

At the event, every participant signs up on LinkedIn and connects with acquaintances, friends and former colleagues that could be suitable potential candidates for your open positions.

This event helps to spur the sourcing of resources in a focused manner — and offers a relaxing environment for employees to enjoy time with each other.

Pro tip: Consider giving a prize to the employee who has reached out to the most people at the event.

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