How to Apply for a Luxembourg Visa for Nigeria

Luxembourg is a small Schengen nation often overlooked as a tourist destination. Possessing a Luxembourg visa can assure you of enjoying your trip to Luxembourg because the capital city is fascinating to discover and brimming with charming towns and promenades that run along the Moselle River, nature, and rich history. By reading this post, find out more about applying for an entry visa to Luxembourg by way of Nigeria.


  • The kind of visa you will need will be contingent on the duration and purpose of your trip.
  • Short-term stay of shorter than 90 days for:
  • Family and friends visiting
  • Cultural/sports event (s)
  • Professional reasons like attending an event, etc.
  • Medical reasons
  • Tourism
  • Commercial uses
  • Transit visa


Step 1: Check the list of documents.

When you are applying for a visa, find out the documentation required. You downloaded the checklist from the TLS Contact’s site when you filed your application.

The files comprise:

  • A form of application that is filled out and notarized
  • Passport photo that meets all specifications (color 35x45mm, or no more than six months older)
  • Passport (at minimum two pages of free pages, not more than ten years old valid for at minimum three months past the validity of visa) (at minimum two free pages that are not older than ten years and valid for at minimum three months beyond the period of visa)
  • Booking a round-trip flight can be used as proof of method of transport.
  • Health, travel insurance, and accidents (minimum coverage EUR 30000; is valid in the Schengen region; also covers repatriation in case of medical necessity and urgent medical attention or urgent hospital care)
  • An invitation letter that includes your guest’s address and name as well as and relationship to the host and the duration of their stay
  • Three bank statements can be used as evidence of the existence of funds.
  • Parental consent is required before minors travel on their own

Step 2: Complete your Visa on Web application (MFA Website)

Fill out the application form via Visa on Web to apply for an entry visa.

Step 3. Create an account for a TLS Account with Contact.

It is the next thing to do setting the TLS Account with Contact.

 Step 4: enter your data.

Log in to your account and then enter the required personal details.

Step 5: Schedule an appointment.

It’s usually cost-free and simple to schedule appointments with the consulate, embassy, or visa application center.

Step 6: Submitting the application

Bring the confirmation letter to your appointment. Be punctual. It may be necessary to schedule another appointment if it is over time.

Step 7: Gather passports

It will return your passport via TLS Contact once the embassy has ruled against granting your visa, and you will be sent an email to inform you.

You can collect your passport at the counter or let a representative take it on your behalf; both require ID. You may return your passport through an express courier if you pay an additional cost.


What is the cost of a visa for Nigeria for Luxembourg?

The cost of a Schengen Visa for Nigerian citizens is EUR80. (equivalent to NGN 37,417.66).

Does Luxembourg accept Nigerians?

The Schengen visa is required for Nigerian citizens to be able to enter Luxembourg.


As with all different Schengen countries, Nigerians require a Schengen visa to enter Luxembourg.

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