Free Job Posting Sites U.K

If you’re looking to employ individuals in the UK, There’s an abundance of job sites to choose from. Some sites allow you to post your job for free or choose high-quality job websites to make it easier for you to target your job advertisement. To assist you in finding the perfect combination of job sites to fit your funds, here are a few of the top job websites that are available in the UK:


The UK-founded global website Adzuna has been ranked as one of the most popular websites for job listings in the UK. It attracts millions of users every month; more importantly, it’s absolutely free to try. At the beginning of the year of 2018, Adzuna has also taken over operations for the Find an Employment website. It is an alternative to Universal Jobmatch; this is an official job board that is accessible in both English as well as Welsh.

Do you want a way to put your advert to the most qualified applicants? Try the Workable Demo for free, quickly send out your advertisement to the top job sites, and oversee the entire hiring process.


As per the title, CV-Library has an extensive database that includes nearly 17 million CVs. You can post your job online by purchasing an individual job ad or bundle. CV-Library job postings are shared on hundreds of websites, including Glassdoor and Adzuna, to increase exposure and attract more applicants.

Escape from the city

Escape The City is much more than a job board. It’s an online community for those looking for jobs that are ‘important for them’. With over 300,000 members, many possess degrees, professional certifications and plenty of years of experience (and they all seek diverse and stimulating jobs). You can post any job in any sector, including fellowships and co-founder roles.

Indeed the UK

Like many nations, Indeed is highly sought-after by employers and job seekers within the UK. The mega-aggregator will show your job advertisements for free if they conform to its requirements for posting. To increase the visibility of your job ad, you can consider Indeed’s pay-per-click options.

Monster UK

The local version of a global job site, Monster UK, is visited by thousands of job seekers each month. There are three kinds of job advertisements to pick from. They are all available as bundles. Monster will promote your job advertisement on platforms like social media (Facebook, Instagram etc.) and other websites targeted in banner ads to boost the visibility of your ad.


Otta is an employment site based in the UK that encompasses all aspects of marketing and sales to engineering and every level from entry-level through the level of VP. It is known for its independent opinions on businesses, personalized recommendations, salary benchmarks and many other features. There are 3,000 open positions posted every week.

According to the web page, is used by 7 million people every month. Over 45 000 candidates sign up for its database each week. You can choose from three job advertisement options that offer features such as sending out your job ad to candidates selected via email and then promoting your job ad on the website’s results for searches.

Totaljobs (and Jobsite)

Totaljobs recently joined forces in a partnership with Jobsite to assist employers in reaching the most qualified candidates. Both job boards have 20 million users each month and share databases of CVs that total 15.5 million. Advertise your job posting on Totaljobs, and your advertisement will be displayed on both job sites simultaneously. Totaljobs also provides advanced solutions, such as advertising jobs with branded logos or social media campaigns.

Unicorn Hunt

Unicorn Hunt is a different job board geared towards London and startup-related jobs. The job board can promote your job ads via social media and their primary and job-specific newsletter. For startups in the early stages that have an insufficient budget for recruitment and would like to advertise an opening for a position in London, Unicorn Hunt provides the “choose your discount” option to cut down on the cost of your job advertisements.


WorkInStartups are a job board specifically designed for tech-related startups across the UK. If you’re a startup, you can advertise jobs at no cost, while external hiring agents and recruiters charge an amount. To connect with a larger pool of highly qualified candidates, WorkInStartups offers paid options like social media promotions to advertise your job and banner advertisements.

Wherever you advertise your job ad, you must always take a look at your job advertisement. Be sure that your job ads are concise, informative and appealing so that you can attract those who are qualified to apply.

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